Englisch (1) There is a lovely land with spreading, shady beech-trees, near salty eastern shore its hills and valleys gently fall, its name is ancient Denmark, and it is Freya's hall.

(2) There in the ancient days sat armoured giants rested between their bloody frays then they went forth the foe to face, now found in stone-set barrows, their final resting place.

(3) This land is still as fair, the sea is blue around it, and peace is cherished there strong men and noble women still uphold their country's honour with faithfulness and skill.

(4) Hail king and fatherland! Hail citizens of honour, who do the best they can our ancient Denmark shall remain, as long as beech tops mirror in waves of blue their chain!

National Anthem of Denmark
"Der er et yndigt land", commonly translated into "There is a lovely land", is the national anthem of Denmark.

The lyrics were written by Adam Oehlenschläger (1819), the music was composed in 1835 by Hans Ernst Krøyer.

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