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It’s all wired [up] for television It’s all your own fault It’s all shipshape and Bristol fashion It’s all wrong not all cakes and ale not all that bad Not all who own a lyre are lyre-players not at all not for all the tea in China not for all the world Of all poses a moral pose is the most offensive. of all stripes Of all the cheek! on all accounts She’s all the world to him She’s not at all unmusical That’s all folks! That’s all grist to his mill That’s all history now That’s all I needed That’s all my eye and Betty Martin That’s all part of my job That’s all pie in the sky That’s all very true, but ... That’s him all over! that’s what it is all about the can They all get a mention in the article They all live life to the full and are very optimistic This is all Greek to me This is all my own work This is all your doing to all appearances to all intents and purposes to be all at sea to be all dolled up to be all ear to be all ears to be all excited to be all fingers and thumbs to be all for it to be all hot and sticky to be all in to be all in a pucker to be all in a sweat to be all knocked out to be all nerves to be all of a tizzy to be all out in the open to be all over

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