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alle Informationen die Sie uns geben Allegations have been made that ... to allege that someone has lied Allen screw Allen® key Allen® wrench to allocate Allow me to introduce myself to allow a debt to grow to allow full bent to allow someone to do something allowing for Allowing three hours for the journey, you will arrive home about 9 p.m. It allows of no excuse This allows the conclusion that ... Alls well that ends well It’s almighty hot Almost done! almost twice as many as in 2007 Almost/nearly everybody was busy preparing for it I almost wet myself I almost/nearly forgot to tell you about my upcoming trip It’s almost too late! alms Alone at last! along general lines along the beaten track along the road along those lines Get along with you! I’ll be along in a minute They didn’t get along well together They get along well together to be along the lines of to get along to get along with someone Alongside the USA, the Germans are the ’world champion in exports’ aloof from the world alpenglow alphabetical index He has already passed the three score years and ten He’s already deep in debt to her I’m already too much in your debt If you have already settled this account please disregard this letter She’s already deep in debt to him It’s alright for you to talk! Do you also feel a certain amount of pride when you play for the national team? I have also started to learn to play the flute It is also the same with me She is also a valued colleague

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