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This is also in the interest of the other stakeholders alter ego alteration to alternate between joy and grief alternative civilian service Alternatively to making an appointment you can fax us Alternatively to method 1 the following technique may be employed ... Alternatively to walking, you can take the metro Although cancer racked his body, he was cheerful Although we are very reluctant to do so ... altogether to be in the altogether always at your fingertips always at your service always hard at work always on the run always ready to laugh always the same old excuse Don’t always take everything personally! He always gets the short end of the stick He always had a heart for the poor He always has to scoff at everything He always keeps a level head He always puts me to shame [in the shade] He always wants the last word He is always striking attitudes He was always in the frame for the job He was always late on principle, his principle being that punctuality is the thief of time. He’s always careful to look after number one He’s always willing to lend a sympathetic ear to his patients I always come off worse when we argue I always have tea. I always have to sort things out I always like to know everything about my new friends, and nothing about my old ones. I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. I always use my wife as a sounding board for new ideas I am always astonishing myself. It is the only thing that makes life worth living. I’m always up for that It has always been a tradition that ... It is always painful to part from people whom one has known for a very brief space of time. The absence of old friends one can endure with equanimity. But even a momentary separation from anyone to whom one has just been introduced is almost unbearable. It is always worth while asking a question, though it is not always worth while answering one. It’s always on my mind It’s always the same old story She always adopts/assumes the same posture for the cameras She always makes such a drama out of everything She’s always on the ball to always have an answer off pat to always have something to gripe about to be always harping on the same string to be always interfering

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