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another helping He’s of another opinion That’s another pair of sleeves That’s another question That’s another story That’s another turn of the screw That’s another/different story to have another go You have another thing coming if ... answer in the affirmative answer in the negative His answer was right on the button the answer to a problem to answer for to answer one’s wishes to answer the bell to answer the phone to answer to a name to answer yes or no He answered all their questions off the cuff He answered facetiously to ante up to anticipate someone’s every wish to anticipate the worst to have ants in one’s pants antwacky Anxiety may reach panic proportions when the members of the public feel that this state will never end I’m anxious to know She is anxious to please to be anxious to do something to be anxious to please any any amount any amount of money any article you may desire any business dispute any charges incurred by banks any document of transport any errors you may detect any exchange control authorisation any expenses incurred Any fool knows that any foreign country any guy any hospital other than any information given Any joy? any longer Any luck? Any modern mobile phone can take and send pictures

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