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My appeals met with no response to appear before the judge to appear in court to appear in person to appear to do something to appear to someone in a dream to appear without warning appearances are deceptive He appears to be sick It appears that this problem will be solved, at long last it appears to me to appease thirst appertaining to the property appetisingly Appetite comes while eating Appetite comes with eating apple of one’s eye The apple never falls far from the tree the apple of my eye the apple of one’s eye in apple-pie order applied computer science applied informatics He applied for the job He applied for the job of managin director, but there were many more experience applicants so he was only an also-ran That applies to you, too apply pressure Apply to the tourist association to apply a remedy to apply a soft pedal to apply double standards to apply for a job to apply for asylum in Estonia to apply for leave to apply for the Chiltern Hundreds to apply Occam’s razor I’m applying for a job to appoint somebody comfortably He was appointed manager He was appointed [as the] head of army intelligence His approach to work was constructive and efficient to approach large investors to be approaching ninety April fool hoax April fool! April showers bring forth May flowers April showers bring May flowers Apropos of the proposed changes, I think more information is needed She is apt to be late The Arabian Nights

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