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Architecture has been the subject that has dominated the artist’s work archival storage archive archive data backup archiving are due any week now Are my eyes deceiving me? Are there any further questions? Are there any trains to ... ? Are these bits scrap? Are they an item? Are those yours? Are we agreed? Are you able to meet our requirements? Are you all set? Are you available for golf today? Are you being attended to? Are you being funny? Are you busy? Are you coming as well? Are you contemplating marriage? Are you crazy? Are you drunk or something? Are you feeling all right? Are you feeling any better? Are you for real? Are you forgetting our deal? Are you fucking blind man? Are you full? Are you game for a laugh? Are you going to make a speech? Are you having a laugh? Are you having me on? Are you hungry? Are you in a draft? Are you in a draught? Are you in earnest Are you in earnest? Are you in favour? - No, I’m anti. Are you in on it? Are you leaving the car here? Are you leaving tomorrow? Are you listening? Are you looking for trouble? Are you mad? Are you not also of the opinion that ... Are you not ashamed? Are you nuts? Are you off your rocker? Are you on the telephone?

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