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He can accomodate 5 people at most accomplished fact to accord a hearty welcome to be in accord with something in accordance with in accordance with local custom to be in accordance with according to circumstances according to custom and usance according to her lights according to his own statement according to plan according to requirements according to the book according to weight according to what I have heard of no account on account on no account On that account I must refuse to account to account for a fact to account for someone/something to account someone guilty Accountancy is a science Accounts are not in order accumulating up to the due date Accurate preparation is the linchpin of the entire event Accurate timing is the linchpin of the entire operation accurate to a millimetre to accustom oneself to new surroundings ace photographer/reporter to ache to do something aches and pains to achieve a good reputation to achieve a great deal to achieve great things to be achieved at a high cost in human life Achilles’ heel to be aching all over acid acid head acid test to do acid to be acquainted with Henry Miller to get acquainted with to acquiesce in an arrangement to acquire a fortune to acquire a habit to acquire a taste for it

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