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to arise from the circumstances My arithmetic makes it 10.00 euros arm candy armchair generals armed to the teeth to be armed to the teeth Armored divisions make up the strongest units of the army in the arms of Morpheus They have arms which can put teeth into their neutrality Around 20 of the total fashion turnover is generated by online business Around 600 police used water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray and batons in an operation against over 1,000 demonstrators in the city of Stuttgart to be around/round the bend/twist to get around to get around something to get around to doing something to get at it around-the-clock around-sourcing to arouse great interest to arouse public interest to arouse something Arrange it among yourselves! to arrange a ball to arrange for a concert to arrange for a taxi to arrange group tours only to arrange the conditions to arrange the furniture I arranged it in advance I’ve arranged to meet her tomorrow to be in arrears with one’s payments I arrest you in the name of the law to arrest attention on my arrival I’ll arrive a week tomorrow to arrive at a decision to arrive at the wrong moment to arrive just at the right moment to arrive out of the blue to arrive right on the button He arrived in good time She arrived by bus They arrived during a cloudburst You have arrived at your destination I’ll be arriving on BA flight 435 on the 20th I’ll be arriving on Friday morning, not Thursday night arse arse bandit Get your arse in gear! Get your arse in gear, or the shit will really hit the fan

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