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Get your arse in gear, or the shit will really hit the fan to arse about arse-licker/ass-licker arsewipe arsey Don’t get arsey [with me]! art for art’s sake Art is long, life is short Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious. Art or design: no matter, as long as it’s good the art of seduction artful dodger Arthritis is the single biggest cause of disability The article is intended for experts The artist got a standing ovation for his performance Ash Wednesday Be ashamed of yourself! I’m ashamed to say that I lost my confidence in Angela Merkel’s politics to be ashamed of something ashes to ashes dust to dust Aside from that, how are things? Ask away! Ask her in Ask him in! Ask him the time! Ask whether he will come Ask, and it shall be given you! Can I ask a question? Don’t ask me about it, that’s her department Don’t ask me! I ask you! to ask a blessing to ask a favour to ask about to ask around one’s colleagues to ask for a week’s leave to ask for help to ask for the moon to ask for too much to ask for trouble to ask inquisitively to ask leave to do something to ask leave to speak to ask someone for a helping hand to ask someone point-blank to ask someone round to ask someone to leave to ask someone’s forgiveness to ask someone’s leave to ask the time

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