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to ask the way to ask to have the banns published to ask too much of somebody You ask too much of me! Don’t ask! He asked a higher price from me He asked for you He asked to be allowed to withdraw He asked to be excused He asked us back for a coffee I asked his advice I asked the first person I met She asked her neighbour to keep an eye on the children They asked me point-black You asked for a book, so read it! You asked for it! You’ve asked for it That’s asking for trouble That’s asking too much This/That is not what I was asking [about] to be asking for trouble You’re asking for trouble to be asleep at the switch/wheel aspects in his disfavour are to aspirate an ’h’ sound to aspire to a position ass Get your ass in gear Get your ass in gear! My ass! ass-kisser She was assailed by dark thoughts to take by assault to assert one’s influence to assert one’s position My assertion is that everyone can be creative if they want to be His assertions have proved false to assess a situation asshole to assign blame to assign rights to a third party The assistent left the drawer slightly ajar I assume that these facts are known assure the financing of an enterprise to assure one’s position to astonish the world athlete’s foot atone to atone for one’s wrongs atrocity tale

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