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Attaboy! I don’t attach great importance to it to attach great importance to something to attach importance to attach importance to something to attach too much importance to attach value Attack is the best form of defense Attack is the best means/form of defence to attack on the flank He was attacked with a barrage of questions The attackers got a lot of loot in the robbery Attagirl! to attain a great age to attain a high position in society to attain old age to attempt someone’s life They attend the meeting to attend a fair to attend a kindergarten to attend a prince to attend divine service to attend to business to attend to the children He’ll be attending the university in autumn He attends upon the king Attention gay men! Attention, please! Can I have your attention for a moment? to attract attention to attract new customers to be attracted like a moth to a flame for aught I know aunty Austria sets the fashion in skiing outfits Austrian Office of the Federal Chancellor The author’s name was printed below the title the authority of any signatory auto liability insurance automobile collision insurance automobile third party insurance automobile third party liability The automotive industry is showing signs of weakness Autumn is coming Autumn is coming on In autumn they start to bring the cattle down from the mountain pastures Of what avail is it? to be available avenue to fame the avenue to fame

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