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Average disposal income is around EUR 23,400 per inhabitant On average, there are just under two inhabitants per car on the average the average punter to average out aviation blonde to avoid a problem to avoid all responsibilities to avoid like the plague to avoid making a decision Avoiding weight regain, that’s the name of the game when dieting to be awake all night to awaken the public opinion to awaken to to award a wage increase I’m aware of that to be aware of something to be aware of the inaccuracy away on leave Away with you! Away you go! Get away with you! He’s away on a business trip and won’t be back until next week to do away with to get away from it all to get away with everything/murder to get away with something to have it away with someone awesome awfully funny I am awfully sorry awkward customer axe to get the axe to get axed axis of abscissae Axis of evil axis of ordinates the ayes and the noes I’m sorry, all seats are taken I’m trying to get a grip on what’s happening I’ve already done it many times I’ve forwarded your e-mail to Vladimir It’s a big/huge strain It’s exactly the other way round It’s no walk in the park It’s not over till it’s over It’s your decision, but I warn you, you’re making a big mistake She’s just like her mother She’s waiting for some hero to come and sweep her off her feet

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