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to acquire money in the short term across the board across the pond across-the-board act of God act of grace act of negligence Act rather than give up hope! Act your age [and not your shoe size] Act your age! I’ll act on your advice If you don’t act now you could miss out on a great opportunity to act as a model to a painter to act as a pagan to act as if nothing had happened to act as if one owns the place to act as interpreter to act as opponent to act cool to act from necessity to act impulsively to act in bad faith to act in concert to act in good faith to act in the spirit of someone to act like a madman to act like a prima donna to act on behalf of another person to act on instinct to act on the spur of the moment to act out of character to act stupid to act the artist to act the big shot to act the fool to act the goat to act the innocent to act up She acted with firmnes acting at the request of a customer She is acting like a prima donna no action shall lie against the company to take action to take action in respect of the goods Actions speak louder than words This actor often portrayed distinguished gentlemen and European aristocrats He acts the innocent She acts as if even speaking to us is beneath her She acts like the queen bee Actual life was chaos, but there was something terribly logical in the imagination.

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