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in actual fact Have you actually been to that museum? He actually did it What’s it actually like? actuarial reserves declared in the balance sheet ad lib ad nauseam to ad lib Your ad caught my attention to ad-lib adapt oneself to the company to adapt a novel for television to adapt oneself to circumstances He has adapted himself to add a remark in parentheses to add fresh fuel to a quarrel to add fuel to the fire to add fuel to the flames to add insult to injury to add up figures to not add up to not add up/amount to a hill of beans added to which In addition I would like a valid price list. In addition there was the debate about tax rebates for particle filters Only female animals up to six years old shall be considered pure-bred breeding females Additional data is available from ... additional occupation The address began on a personal note the address of the bank to address as to address the issue of What is her address? It adds up adequacy of resources Adi Dassler registered a trademark on the three stripes to adjust one’s tie It can be adjusted lengthwise/in longitudinal direction to administer funds administrative organization to get admiring looks Admission free Admission is free No admission for minors! admit as a partner I admit it’s true I admit there are people who ... to admit 100 persons to admit defeat to admit somebody to the floor

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