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It admits of no excuse no admittance He was admitted to the university after all admittedly to admonish someone to adopt as one’s own to adopt on à la carte approach to adopt out to adopt/take a hard line adopted country to adore to adore someone to adorn oneself with borrowed plumes to adorn with flowers to advance a view to advance him the money That’s no advantage to you! That’s of no advantage to you That’s to my advantage to get advantage over someone To take advantage of an opportunity to take advantage of someone to take advantage of something to take advantage of the favourable situation Advent Calendar Advent season Advent wreath Advent wreath with four candles adventurous life not adverse to the odd drink Adversities sweete milke, philosophie. Adversity is the school of wisdom Take my advice I advise you to consult your pillow! to advise caution He advised against it for advising any amendments to advocate breast-feeding That’s my affair The affair has now reached such a point that ... This affair allows of no delay to affect the head That affected him deeply his affection was not returned It affects me. affidavit affidavit of means affidavit of service to affiliate oneself with a society to affirm the family’s core values

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