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After the game is before the game. after the period has lapsed without success After the reading of this poetic meal one want to throw up After the storm comes the calm After the war most of us had to start from scratch after waiting a long time After what seemed like an eternity ... After you, please to get after someone to take after someone aftermath of the war Afterwards we went to the movies at it again Not again! against all odds against doctor’s orders against long odds against one’s better judgment against premium payments against the clock against the collar against the grain/hair against the odds Age before beauty age of consent to be of age With age it’s the same as with wine it has to be a good year! What’s his age? my aged parents the aged and infirm ageism agency plant to take ages to do something aggro I get aggro from my mother if ... I get it to agonise about a decision I agree up to a point, but ... I agree with that I don’t agree at all, I’m afraid. They agree like cats and dogs to agree in principle to agree on many points to agree to a proposal to agree upon the price agreeable odour He agreed with me They agreed among themselves The agreement has significant ramifications for German politics to be in agreement

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