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1 bis 50 von 1917 Vor

babble of voices to babble babe in arms babe in the woods He was a babe in the woods when he came to Berlin to be a babe in the woods babes and sucklings babies less than six months old Babies need constant attention baby boomer baby gravy baby’s outfit The baby was smuggled to neighbouring/neighboring Poland and then on to Denmark to baby That’s my baby! bachelor or spinster bachelor party bachelor’s party at the back of beyond back and forth back me or sack me Back me or sack me! Back off! back scuttle back to basics back to front back to the grind Back up a little! Get back to me when you have an actual proposal/suggestion I’ll be back later I’ll get back to you nearer the time I’ll get back to you on that I’ve my back to the wall in the back of beyond It’s back to everyday life now My back is killing me! on the back of a victory on the back of the page She’s back home the back of beyond to back a car out of the garage to back down to back off to back off the car to back out to back out of a deal to back out of something to back someone up to back the wrong horse to back wrong horse

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