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cabby to have cabin fever by cable cack to cack oneself cack-handed cackleberries cacky to cadge money from someone to be in cahoots/cohorts/collusion with someone a cake of soap cake of soap it’s a cake of lies with bullshit icing The cake belongs on the table, not your feet The cake hasn’t quite turned out as I’d hoped/intended to take the cake/biscuit You can’t have your cake and eat it cake-hole caked with mud and wet calculated risk His calculations were out Call me early! Call me idealistic or naive, but I am determined to wait for Mr. Right call of nature Call the wambulance! Do you call that a joke? Do you call that a man? I call it a day I call the shots! I’ll call back later I’ll call for you this evening That’s what I call smart the call of duty to call a halt before it’s too late to call a spade a spade to call attention to call attention to to call for help to call forth to call in sick to call into existence to call it a day to call it off to call it quits to call it square to call off to call off the dogs to call someone names to call someone over the coals to call someone’s bluff

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