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No dilly-dallying! to take a dim view of something a dime a dozen to do a dime dimwit to dine with Duke Humphrey ding-dong dingbat dingbusted dingeling to dingle someone dingus dingy dink DINKS Dinner is served dinner theme party Dinner/Lunch is served! by dint of to dip deep into the past to dip into to dip into one’s purse / pocket to dip into reserves to dip into something dippy dipso dipstick dire straits to be in dire need of to be in dire straits direct and straight forward It was a direct challenge to the president’s authority This is the direct consequence of the flood to be a direct descendant of What direction do you want the project to take? directory dirt cheap dirt file to be dirt cheap to be dirt-poor dirties dirty bastard dirty deal dirty dog dirty fellow dirty habit dirty joke dirty laundry dirty linen dirty look

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