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Divorces are made in heaven. The DJ must be having a laugh with this rubbish do-it-yourselfer do-all do-dad/do-funny be in the dock to be in the dock the doctor will fix you up to doctor to doctor oneself to doctor something/to doctor something up Doctors are often berated for being poor communicators The documentation of the incident is filled with inaccuracies The documentation requested has been sent to you by registered post. a doddle doddle It was a doddle dodge to dodge a bullet dodger dodgy I have a dodgy leg Does a bear shit in the woods? Does anyone have any further questions? Does he, in your opinion, steer clear of the usual clichés? Does it always feel like Monday morning around here? Does it make sense to you? Does it really make any odds if ...? does not constitute any undertaking Does she have a high temperature? Does she have fever? Does that name ring a bell? Does this dress make me look fat? Does this make sense to you? Does this suit your taste? Does your grandma know that they’ve got all her junk in here? Does your offer still hold ... He does not care It does not make sense It does not matter That does it! This does not apply to you What does he do for a living? What does he look like? What does it amount to? What does it come to? What does that mean? What does the weather look like to you? What does this word mean? Doesn’t anybody get their arse in gear around here?

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