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to draw to a close to draw upon something to draw/throw a veil over something drawing card This drawing is held without legal prejudice drawn from life drawn in a few bold lines to not have drawn a sober breath since He draws the strength for his diverse projects from a plentiful fund of creative ideas I dread it the dreaded Lurgy She has a dreadful fear of spiders I’m dreadfully sorry Dream on! to dream something up Dreams are lies Dreams are ten a penny dreams come true dreams of the future His dreams came true not a dreg the dregs of society to be drenched in tears dress clothes The dress gave emphasis to the shape of her The dress is in tatters The dress proclaims the man to dress a room to dress a wound to dress down to dress oneself to dress someone down to dress up to dress up [formally] dressed to kill She was dressed in a white coat She was dressed to kill She’s dressed to the nines She’s dressed up to the nines to be dressed to kill to get dressed to get dressed-up dressing down to be dresssed to the nines in dribs and drabs a drink of water to drink a pledge to someone/something to drink and drive to drink like a fish to drink oneself stupid

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