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deathbed The debate will be on the air form 9 to 11 a.m. to debit an amount to an account a debt of honour to be in debt to be in debt up to the ears decaf decathlon This is what the deceased would have wanted deceitful trick 2 December 1990: The Germans elect a pan-German parliament He’s a decent fellow That was decent of him to decide someone to do something He decided to go freelance I decided to keep him at arm’s length She decided to give him a wide berth to be a decided character to have decided views The decision takes effect when published in the Official Journal to deck oneself out in one’s Sunday best to deck someone out to declare someone’s policy void to declare taboo have declared themselves bankrupt decline of German dialects to be on the decline to decline a noun He declined to answer questions to decorate the Christmas tree decorated with a medal decorated with floral ornaments decorated with flowers decrease in value to be on the decrease to deem it an honour deep dark secret deep in debt deep, dark secret He is in deep doo-doo He’s a deep me in deep thoughts in deep water Take a deep breath and get to it! That’s to deep for me to be a deep one to be deep in the mire to be deep six to be in deep doo-doo/shit to be in deep shit

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