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to be in deep sleep to be in deep trouble to be in deep water to be in deep with someone to deep six someone/something to have deep pockets a deep-drawn sigh Deepest sympathy deeply held belief deeply hurt deeply stirred deeply touched to be deeply moved Deer crossing in default of appearance on default of payment to defecate a defective condition of the packaging to defend oneself The defendant with his counsel for defence the Defenestration of Prague He is on the defensive to be deficient in They defied him to define one’s position to define precisely at a definite time That is definitely right She is a deft hand with a needle to defy description to defy the description to defy translation degenerate degree of fitness to take a degree by degrees to deke He was delayed I was delayed by the rain as delicate as a flower delicate health delicate hint to take delight in I’m delighted to meet you Can you deliver by the end of the month? Can you deliver by the end of the week? Deliver us from evil to deliver a message to deliver a speech to deliver a warning

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