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to deliver to justice to deliver within the agreed time delivered free delivery versus payment delivery will be made as agreed Delivery will be made by 6th July 2001. Delivery will take three weeks. to take delivery the deluge Demand determines supply demand for higher wages demand has overtaken supply demand one’s attention This demand purely and simply can’t be met to demand a great deal of someone to demand attention to demand great skill to demand someone’s head to demonstrate your ability Denmark will lose an important ally when the United Kingdom leaves its chair at the EU. dense The denunciation shall take effect one year after notification thereof has been made to the contractual partner Denver boot to deny access to deny flatly to deny oneself every luxury to depart this life to depart this world He departed from his word Department of Correction in that department It’s not my department depending on what It depends It depends on whether ... It depends on you It depends what you mean by that That depends That depends on whether or not you want to That depends on whether you want to or not to depict in black and white [terms] to depreciate a property the deprivations of the war to derive from a single source to derive from something descent into hell to descern good from evil A description follows of the asymmetric encryption method a description how to reach the airport desecration of the Koran

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