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He’s a dab at it to be a dab hand at something/at doing something to dabble in politics I’m in! dad-blamed to be as daft as a brush to be daft in the head dago daily help the daily grind to be a daily occurrence dairy products She was a daisy damage due to an Act of God The damage can’t have been caused accidentally to do damage What’s the damage? damaged goods Dammit damn it Damn it ! Damn it all Damn it to hell Damn stupid! Damn sure! Damn the luck! Damn you! You can damn well do it yourself damned fool damned funny I’ll be damned if I know I’ll be damned if I will of no damned importance to be damned if one does and damned if one doesn’t You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t to dampen one’s optimism/spirits dance floor Dance is Esperanto with your entire body Dance with the one who brought you! to dance a jig to dance attendance to dance in a ring to dance in a round to dance in step to dance the funky chicken to dance to someone’s tune to dance upon nothing He dances well to whom fortune pipes to dandle a baby on one’s knees Dandyism […] is an attempt to assert the absolute modernity of beauty.

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