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Englische RedewendungenEnglische Phrasen beginnend mit 'F'

1 bis 50 von 1668 Vor

F-word the F-word a face as long as a fiddle at face level at face value at the face face a choice He has a face as long as a fiddle His face broadened into a grin His face fell His face is a picture His face was a perfect study I take that at face value on the face of it On the face of it, you are right to face a choice to face a crucial decision to face a difficulty to face Morton’s fork to face problems to face reality to face someone square on to face the music to face up to face up to to face up to someone/something to face up to the facts to face with fait accompli to have a face as long as a fiddle to have a face like the back of a bus to take at face value face-off be faced with He was faced with ruin to be faced with a riddle to be faced with ruin facile person It facilitates comparisons He’s facing more difficulties than one can pray over In fact the whole of Japan is a pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people. That fact escaped me factotum The facts are in a small compass the facts of life The facts seem to argue/indicate his innocence/he is innocent to faff around with something fag fag/faggot to be fagged out Fahrvergnugen

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