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Englische RedewendungenEnglische Phrasen beginnend mit 'H'

1 bis 50 von 1483 Vor

haberdashery by habit to be in the habit of hack lawyer hack/hacker to get a hack on the shin to hack into a system to hack it to hack one’s way through something to hack someone/something to pieces to be hacked off with someone Have you had any feedback from customers on/about the new system? He had a blowout He had a fine old time He had a sheet in the wind He had a wealth of experience to draw on He had an alcohol level of 130 millilitres He had an hour’s rest He had been baptised a Catholic He had forty winks he had his future made for him He had his hair cut He had his photograph taken He had it coming to him He had left himself out on a limb He had let himself out on a limb He had lost the thread of the conversation He had no idea what he was in for He had no money about him He had not prepared his speech, and soon he was all at sea He had nothing to say apropos of the latest developments He had them rolling in the aisles He had to change his arrangements He had to draw upon the generosity of his friends He had to fill in for him He had too little capital and was soon up a gum-tree I had a job to do it I had a terrible journey to work this morning I had an inkling that they would start the war I had as well I had been grazing all day I had best I had better I had envisaged someone much taller I had expected better of it I had her sit down I had it done I had my letters sent to general delivery I had no appreciation of the risks involved I had nothing to do with it

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