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to kiss someone’s ass to kiss something goodbye to kiss something off to kiss the cup to kiss the dust You can kiss my ass kiss-proof kit and caboodle with kit and caboodle kitchen manufacturer with kith and kin kitsch kitschy to have kittens kitty-corner Klaus is no great shakes at skiing klutz to have the knack of something to knacker something to be knackered knackers knee jerk reaction to be knee high to a grasshopper to knee someone in the guts My knees are like jelly knees-up He knew all sorts of strange people, but this weird fellow took the cake Don’t get your knickers in a twist Don’t get your knickers in a twist - this ain’t no bloody scratch! to knife a knife-edge victory A knight in shining armour Knight of the Garter knight of the road The Knight of the Rose Knights of St. John of Jerusalem to knit one’s brows The knives are out for him! with knobs on With knobs on! I’ll knock all that nonsense out of them It’ll knock you out It’ll knock your socks off knock about car knock about clothes Knock it off! Knock off your fighting right now! Knock on wood! to have a knock in the cradle to knock

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