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Kabish/Kapeesh/Capeesh? kangaroo court I can’t do it kaput to keel over as keen as mustard keen as mustard keen competitive situation not to be keen on it to be keen to do something to have a keen mind to have keen senses to be keen-eyed Can you keep a secret? Can’t you keep still? Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself! Don’t keep asking me Don’t keep asking! Don’t keep crying Don’t keep prying into my things! I’ll keep a jealous watch over you! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! keep a civil tongue in one’s head Keep a distance! Keep at it! Keep cool! Keep dry! keep in ignorance Keep in mind that ... keep in touch with Keep in touch with the market Keep in touch! Keep it dark! Keep it simple and stupid Keep it under your hat! Keep it zipped! Keep me informed Keep me posted on how the project is coming along, will you Keep moving Keep moving! Keep off my pitch! Keep off the grass! keep one’s head above water keep one’s wits about one Keep out Keep out of mischief! Keep out of this! Keep out! keep pace with Keep plugging away!

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