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Lübeck is dotted with well-preserved gabled houses decorated with clinker brick la dolce vita la-di-da behaviour to be in la-la land labor of love to labor a point to labor under a delusion the laboratory of the mind labored breathing Labour emerged as the largest party in the elections labour over something labour under delusion The labourer is worthy of his hire to lace a drink laced with brandy for lack of lack in manpower to lack experience to lack polish to lack sparkle He lacked the courage to do it lackey catspaw He lacks the courage to do it lad laddish ladida Ladies and gentlemen! ladies’ man a lady of easy virtue Lady Jane lady of easy virtue lady of the night Lady you’re a real pain lady-killer lady-killler lady-love to be a ladykiller lag behind lager out to be lagered up He was laid off laid back She laid the table to be laid out to be laid up with to get laid laid-back to be on the lam to lam lamb chops

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