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Machiavellian The machine runs on AC Don’t do the macho on me as mad as a hornet as mad as hell Don’t be mad at me! Don’t get mad, get even! He is mad about that woman mad as a hatter mad hatter mad rush She’s as mad as a wet hen That was a mad thing to do to be mad about someone/something to be mad about something to be mad as a hatter to be mad at to be mad at someone to be mad with joy to get mad Don’t get mad! It’s maddening He has made a fortune and is on easy street now He has made a perfect fool of me He made a bolt for it He made a fool of himself He made a good doctor He made a good job He made a quick getaway He made her life a living hell He made his pile He made it his business He made no bones about it He made serious allegations against his colleagues He made the worst possible impression on her father I made it by the skin of my teeth I made my point I was made, forced to I’m not made of money I’m not made of money! made by hand/hand made She made a good doctor She made herself always available to me She made him ridiculous That is made up out of thin air They made themselves scarce to be made for each other to be made of stern stuff to be made out in the name of Smith to be made up

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