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to nab nada naff Naff off! to be naffed off naffing nag Nag, nag, nag! Nahr The nail caught her dress to be a nail in someone’s coffin to nail a deal to nail a lie to nail down someone to doing something to nail down something to nail one’s colors to the mast to nail one’s colours to the mast to nail someone to nail someone down to his promise nail-biter a naive calculation naive assessment of the situation naive country girl naive fallacy as naked as a baby naked as a jail bird the naked eye with the naked eye namby-pamby a name to conjure with As the name implies/suggests His name doesn’t pass her lips His name escaped me His name escapes me His name is mud His name was ... whatchamacallit I didn’t get his name in name alone/only in the name of religion My name is Smith, I’m the export manager name and address of beneficiary name hitherto unknown That name rings a bell That’s the name of the game The name escaped me The name slipped my mind the name stuck The name was mentioned in the covering letter to have a name for something to name but a few

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