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oaf oafish Do you object to my smoking? I do not object if you don’t object I object! I have no objection No objection was raised I have no objections to have no objections obligatory automobile insurance to be obliged to do something to observe the law to observe the right of way to observe the rules observed in many markets What obstacle is there to that? as obstinate as a mule to obtain a quantity discount to obtain a second opinion to obtain German citizenship obtainable everywhere in obtaining any documents He obviously doesn’t give a curse/cuss [Am.] about what happens She’s obviously not on twitter as occasion demands to take this occasion to ... what’s the occasion What’s the occasion? What’s your occupation? to be occupied He occupies the Chair of Spanish at the Bern University He occupies the University of Berns’s Chair of Spanisch to occupy a house It occurs to me It occurs to me that ... at odd moments/times odd ends odd job odd job man odd jobs odd man out the odd man out the odd one out the odd thing about it to be the odd one out oddball oddly enough He’s at odds with his friend it’s no odds

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