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Pablo Picasso is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific artist in history the pace of life the pace of reforms to pace up and down the room She paced up and down a pack of lies Pack it in Pack it in! pack of lies Pack up! to pack a job in to pack a punch to pack a rod to pack it all in to pack it in to pack someone in to pack up What a pack of lies! packages packed like sardines to be packed out packing extra packing will be charged the packing of the goods to take packs to do something pad to paddle one’s own canoe Paddy paddy wagon to be in a paddy pagan page-turner He is paid according to output He paid no attention to their taunts I paid him out in his own coin paid public holiday He’s a pain in my neck My pain has gone No pain, no gain pain in the ass pain in the ass/butt/neck pain in the butt/neck Pain is temporary, glory...lasts forever! Pain is weakness leaving the body The pain made him cry aloud to be a pain to be a pain in the neck You’re a pain in the ass You’re a pain in the neck That was a painful experience for us

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