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R&R R-rated rabbit food rabbit punch the rabbit died to rabbit on rabble-rouser rabble-rousing attack Rabies is spread almost exclusively by the bite of rabid dogs or wolves His race is run race against time The race was postponed in the interest[s] of safety rack and ruin to rack one’s brains He was racked by/with doubts over whether his decision was right to be racked with pain/by remorse a racking cough racking pains rad to radiate love for a rag rag, tag and bobtail She has not a rag to put on She’s on the rag to rag someone ragamuffin rage attack to be in a rage raging raging headache raging storm raging temper to be raging rags to be on the rags ragtag ragtop Railroad crossing railway/railroad crossing with gates to railroad someone into doing something It didn’t rain after all Rain fell in sheets The rain came down in sheets The rain passed off to rain on someone’s parade to take a rain check on something It rained every day and was freezing cold to boot It rained every other day during our holidays It’s raining cats and dogs It’s raining cats and dogs / it’s lashing down / it’s pissing down / it’s splitting

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