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to be on sabbatical to get the sack to sack a town sacred cow He’s a sad dog sad but true to be in sad/sorry plight to saddle oneself with someone/something to saddle oneself with something to be saddled with someone/something sadly Sadly, she didn’t come Sadness and gladness succeed each other as safe as houses Have a safe trip home! in a safe place It’s safe to say It’s safe to say ... It’s safe to say, safe and sound safe sex to be as safe as houses to be in safe keeping to be on the safe side to be safe and sound to have a safe pair of hands the safest way to gain money Safety is a [huge] priority with us As I said He said nothing as to payment He’s said to be a rich man He’s said to be ill It is said, not without reason, that football is the Germans’ mostloved sport She is said to be very rich She is said to know something about it She said never a word She said the following That’s not what he said first What he said is true after a fashion, though a few of his facts were wrong You said a mouthful You said it yourself to sail around the island to sail close to the wind to sail under false colors He is sailing close to the wind Do it for my sake for the sake of money in the salad days of his youth salad days salami attack

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