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No U-turns! U.S. researchers have discovered that the immune system produces a kind of internal antidote to snake bites ubermensch Ugliness is one of the seven deadly virtues. as ugly as sin Ultimately, it really does not matter who heads the government umbrella group umbrella organisation umpteen times umpteen/umpteenth I’m unable to appreciate modern music to be unable to see beyond the end of one’s nose This is unadulterated filth to be unapologetic be unaware of something Unbeknown to most people is the fact that ... to unburden oneself She unburdened her mind uncaring mother in no uncertain terms Uncle Sam the unco guide to be unconcerned about He is under petticoat government I’m under notice to leave on/under pain of death to be under a cloud to be under a lot of strain to be under age to be under arms to be under considerable strain to be under consideration to be under fire to be under notice to leave to be under petticoat government to be under repair to be under seal to be under someone’s thumb to be under the daisies to be under the doctor to be under the weather to be under way to get in under the wire to get under one’s skin to get under someone’s feet to get under way under a veil of secrecy under color of under compulsion under favor of darkness

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