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Has the vacancy been filled already? to vacate a house vacillator vacuous not to have the vaguest notion of a vain endeavour as vain as a peacock I’m vain in vain vain hope vale of tears Valentine’s Day valuation in the balance sheet The value of the house has increased fourfold to be of value What’s the value of the house? She’s a valued colleague as well She’s a valued colleague, too to vamoose to be vandalised be in the vanguard of to be in the vanguard of to vanish in a puff of smoke to vanish into thin air to do a vanishing trick vanishing hope Vanity Fair It varies all over Variety is the spice of life to vary / differ from country to country to vary in opinion vast superior He veers about like a weathercock to veg out I am a vegetarian/vegan The vehicle was found abandoned outside town vehicle fleet the veil of oblivion to take the veil in the vein for in this/that vein The veins stood out on his temples with velvet gloves vendetta to vent one’s anger at a venture to venture on an undertaking to venture to come near venture capital verbal slander

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