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1 bis 50 von 1823 Vor

wack/wacky wacko to wad a mattress to wade into a problem to wade through a text to waffle waffle to wag one’s finger at someone to wag one’s head to wage a fight for something to wage a war the wages of sin wages after deductions wages have gone up to be on the wagon to wail like a banshee I wait for the cat to jump That can wait till tomorrow to wait and see to wait and see which way the cat jumps to wait for a dead man’s shoes to wait for a good opportunity to wait for the right moment to wait in vain to wait on someone hand and foot to wait one’s turn Wait a minute, please! Wait and see Wait and see! wait for the cat to jump Wait your turn! You can wait there until the cows come home! You can wait until hell freezes over! You can wait until the cows come home! wait-and-see attitude Waiter - get your arse in gear! I’m waiting to hear your explanation Waiting for an opportunity to waive a claim to waive a right to waive fees to waive the compensation to waive the rules to wake with a start Wake up and get with it Wake your ass up! wake-up call to walk a straight line to walk all over someone to walk down the aisle

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