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added to which Additional data is available from ... additional occupation at the above address Don’t put the saddle on the wrong horse! he can’t see through a ladder He fell in with some drug addicts he has mounted the ladder He is at his old address He’s got kangaroos loose in his top paddock I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversations. I’d like to add something here, if I may If I might just add something here ... In addition I would like a valid price list. In addition there was the debate about tax rebates for particle filters In no time each package is labeled with your own company logo and address In the Catalogue ye goe for men, As Hounds, and Greyhounds, Mungrels, Spaniels, Curres, Showghes, Water-Rugs, ... It adds up It doesn’t add up It’s maddening It’s snakes and ladders Jacob’s ladder laddish Love many, trust few, but always paddle your own canoe! More than 600 new words, phrases, and senses have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary this quarter. My train is leaving in five minutes and I have to skedaddle name and address of beneficiary of good address Over the years it has added one new project after another Paddy paddy wagon Place the ladder on a firm support and on even ground Please note the address of our office. The address began on a personal note the address of the bank The book is addressed to young readers The fee will be automatically added to the bill The most important indirect tax is value-added tax, and the most important direct taxes are income and corpora... to add a remark in parentheses to add fresh fuel to a quarrel to add fuel to the fire to add fuel to the flames to add insult to injury to add up figures to address as to address the issue of to be a shopping addict is so downright silly to be at the top of the ladder/of the tree to be in a paddy to be saddled with someone/something to be still in one’s swaddling- clothes to become addicted to drugs to do a scarper/skedaddle to get bladdered/blasted/blitzed to get into a paddy to give an address to have an addition to the family to live at an address to not add up to not add up/amount to a hill of beans to paddle one’s own canoe to provide additional security to put the saddle on the wrong horse to put up a ladder to saddle oneself with someone/something to saddle oneself with something to win the horse or lose the saddle/win the mare or lose the halter twaddle Whaddayathink? What is her address? What is your substance, whereof are you made, // That millions of strange shaddowes on you tend? // Since ever... When big daddy talks kids listen When the bank robbers heard the police sirens, they swore and skedaddled Who’s your daddy? Without money we’re up shit creak without a paddle yadda-yadda yadda-yadda-yadda

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