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along - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'along' gefunden

along - Englische PhrasenAlong - Englische Redewendungen

all along all along the line along general lines along the beaten track along the road along those lines Alongside the USA, the Germans are the ’world champion in exports’ Come along! driver who creeps along Get along with you! Go along with him Go along with him! Go along [with you]! He comes along only every so often He gets along well with his brother He works alongside me He’ll come along later He’s just coasting along in his work How are you getting along? I’ll be along in a minute I’ll go along with that I’m afraid I couldn’t go along with that I’m sorry, I can’t go along with you I’ve passed my examination. So come along with me. I’ll stand you all treat! Keep me posted on how the project is coming along, will you Matters jog along somehow somewhere along the line the first that comes along They didn’t get along well together They get along well together to be along the lines of to be coming along nicely to be easy to get along with to beetle along/around to chug along to come along well to come along with to fall in alongside/beside someone to get along to get along with someone to go along to go along with to go along with someone to go along with something to have a hitch in one’s getalong to inch along to jog along/on to play along to play along with a suggestion to play along with someone to plod along to plug along to potter along to string along to string someone along to tank along Today, 20 full-time members of staff work alongside with five apprentices to keep the venue going zip along

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