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around - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'around' gefunden

around - Englische PhrasenAround - Englische Redewendungen

an albatross around one’s neck an albatross around the neck Around 20 of the total fashion turnover is generated by online business Around 600 police used water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray and batons in an operation against over 1,000 demo... around-sourcing around-the-clock As well as accommodation, the city also provides a monthly grant of around 750 Euro Average disposal income is around EUR 23,400 per inhabitant cup one’s hands around something Death lurks around every corner Do you know your way around? Does it always feel like Monday morning around here? Doesn’t anybody get their arse in gear around here? Don’t spread it around that ... Easter is just around the corner Green roofs in Iceland and Norway have been around for centuries He couldn’t care less about what’s going on around him He met a lot of people on his travels in/around the Far East Hi, I’m new around here I suppose your staff gets paid for sitting around? I won’t let this female mess me around any more Incense from around the world Is anyone intending to shift their arses around here? Is there anybody around? it drives me around the bend It is a millstone around my neck Jazz may still be a niche product, but German jazz labels are highly successful around the world in that niche Listen smart-arse, do you think I’m waiting around here just for the fun of it? Many around the world cheer Obama victory More than a hundred fan clubs around the world read about his adventures and exchange views on fan pages nose around Only the share price, which fell by around 8 per cent, casts a shadow over the sunny picture She flung her arms around his neck She has been around She met a lot of people on her travels in/around the Far East skirt around the issue Stop beating around the bush! Stop pussyfooting around! The big question is: can he turn things around by Easter? The big question is: can she turn things around by Christmas? The desolation is the worst thing here. All around [nothing but] empty offices and shops The government has promised to put a ring fence around funding for education The world doesn’t revolve around you Those bric-a-brac items just stand around collecting dust to ask around one’s colleagues to be around/round the bend/twist to be kicking around to beetle along/around to bum around to come around to dash around the country to dig around to drive someone around/round the bend/twist to faff around with something to fart around to feel around to find a way around to fold one’s arms around someone to get around to get around something to get around to doing something to get one’s mind around to give someone the runaround to go around in a circuit to go around with to go around/round the bend/twist to goof around to hand around to hang about/around to have a look-around to have been around to hawk about/around to horse about/around to jerk someone around to joke around to knock about/around to knock about/around with to know one’s way around to know the way around a place to loaf around to loll about/around to mess around with somebody to monkey around to mooch about/around to muck around with somebody to piddle about/around to play around to play around with an idea to play around with someone to play around with someone’s feelings to play around with something to play circles around someone to potter away/about/around to pussyfoot about/around something to pussyfoot around to run around like a headless chicken to sail around the island to sleep around to slob about/around/out to smell for miles around to stick around/about to take a look-around to tear around to throw one’s weight around to travel around the US to travel round/around the world to twist someone around one’s little finger to wrap someone around one’s little finger What goes around, comes around When compared to other countries around the world, Britain spends little on defence Where trash is lying around, more is thrown down

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