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business - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'business' gefunden

business - Englische PhrasenBusiness - Englische Redewendungen

a business that pays a fishy business a good stroke of business A rather formal tone is used in business correspondence a shady business All things considered, I’m sure this is the right decision any business dispute Around 20 of the total fashion turnover is generated by online business As far as I’m concerned, I think that ... Basically what you are saying is ... beastly business business as usual Business before pleasure Business has been dull Business is slow Business is the salt of life Business is very slack business on cash terms only business on joint account care of a prudent businessman close of business diligence of a prudent businessman Do you think it might be a good idea to ...? even outside business hours Excuse me, before we go any further, could I point out that ...? Excuse me, but may I just draw your attention to the fact that ...? First take care of business, then drink and laugh! founder of a new business funny business Furthermore, it’s important to take into account that ... Germany as a place to do business Going back to what I was saying ... hardly any prospects of business He knows his business thoroughly He made it his business He means business He sent her about her business hoping to have seen the last of her He’s away on a business trip and won’t be back until next week He’s successful, because in business matters he’s always on the ball His business is doing thriftily His new business progressed in fits and starts How long has the firm been in business? How many business trips do you make yearly? How’s business? I agree up to a point, but ... I firmly believe that ... I mean business I’d like to add something here, if I may I’m afraid there seems to have been a slight misunderstanding I’m afraid, I can’t share your view I’m sorry, I can’t go along with you If I could just continue. I’ll answer your questions in a minute If I may interrupt you for a moment ... If I might just add something here ... If I’ve understood you correctly, you’re saying that ...? In other words, ... It depends what you mean by that It’s business as usual Let me conclude by emphasising one thing ... Let me now turn briefly to the question/problem of ... Let me put it this way, ... Let’s talk business! like nobody’s business Might it be an idea ...? Mind your own business Mind your own business! monkey business My own business always bores me to death. I prefer other people’s. My suitcase is none of you goddam business No funny business while we’re out! order of business Perhaps I should be more specific Perhaps we could return to your question later on prospering business prosperous business setting up business She means business She runs a small business stock and share business strictly business stupid business That did his business That’s my business That’s my business! That’s no business of yours! That’s none of your business That’s none of your business! That’s none of your goddamn business! That’s/It’s None of your business The new business park will create hundreds of jobs The whole business stinks! There are two points I’d like to make before I answer your questions There are two points to bear in mind here ... There’s no [such thing as a] free lunch in this business this is not part of the business thriving business to attend to business to be engaged in a business To be more specific, ... to combine business with pleasure to come to business to discuss business to do business to do something like nobody’s business to drum up business to encourage smaller business to float a business to float a new business company to get down to business to go about one’s business to go out of business to handle any sort of business to have a hand in a business to have no business to to mean business to mix business with pleasure to not be someone’s business to operate a business to send someone about his business to settle down to business/work We carry on a wholesale business We seem to be talking at cross purposes We would like to do business with you What about/how about doing ...? What business have you to be here? Why not take an early flight? With all due to respect, what you are saying is impossible to implement With respect, I disagree entirely With respect, I see it a little differently With respect, this is not what I said Without going into too much detail, allow me to mention ... Wouldn’t it be better to/if ...? Wouldn’t it be wiser to wait? Yes, you will sometimes make a bad bargain. But that’s what business is all about You have no business here! You mustn’t forget that football is a ruthless business You shouldn’t mix business with pleasure

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