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change - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'change' gefunden

change - Englische PhrasenChange - Englische Redewendungen

A change is as good as a rest A leopard cannot change its spots a sea change any exchange control authorisation Apropos of the proposed changes, I think more information is needed Bonn has been struggling with a fundamental structural change - successfully change for the better/worse change of air change of front change of heart change of scene change the tire / tyre Come off it - are you seriously calling this a good exchange rate? Do you have any change? Do you have change for twenty dollars? Don’t change the subject! don’t ever change exchange of presents exchange traded option Fair exchange is no robbery for a change future change record for dangerous goods He had to change his arrangements I have no small change I talked to him to try and get him to change his behaviour [Br.] / bahavior [Am.] I’ve changed my mind If you should change your mind, do let me know in case of exchange In March and October the clocks change for summer and winter [time] respectively in stock exchange parlance it changes from day to day Keep the change! Let’s change the subject Life has changed in the meantime Money changes hands to secure approval to build or extend a private house, to avoid being fined for a traffic ... More than a hundred fan clubs around the world read about his adventures and exchange views on fan pages My taste in music has changed over the years No contribution is sought at this stage, but this may change People want a change of scene Please check your change before leaving, as mistakes cannot be rectified later. Please note that our prices are subject to change without notice Prices are subject to change without notice. Sale goods cannot be exchanged sea change subject to change without notice Subject to change without notice Subject to change! That makes a change The leopard cannot change his spots The Ruhr area has been struggling with a fundamental structural change - successfully the wind of change There is no use your telling me that you are going to be good. […] You are quite perfect. Pray, don’t ch... They changed it just enough to stop it getting boring Things have changed Times have changed to change allegiance to change between sickness funds to change color to change down into second gear to change for the better to change for the worse to change front to change hands to change hands quickly to change horses in midstream to change into first gear to change one’s arrangements to change one’s clothes to change one’s mind to change one’s place of residence to change one’s shirt to change one’s spots to change one’s tune to change sides to change something by magic to change the tone of one’s voice to change tune to chop and change to exchange glances to give in exchange to leave something unchanged to ring the changes on something to short-change someone to stay abreast of changes to take in exchange to undergo a radical change We kept up a correspondence / maintained an exchange of letters for many years What led you to change your mind? What will make you change your mind? You can’t change the habits of a lifetime You have changed a lot You have changed tack all of a sudden You won’t get much change out of them! Your luck might change [this time]!

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