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cut - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'cut' gefunden

cut - Englische PhrasenCut - Englische Redewendungen

a cut above and, when he shall die, // Take him and cut him out in little starres, // And he will make the Face of heaven ... back scuttle brush cut By that logic/rationale you would have to completely cut off the Internet just because a few sickos use it to ... Chief Executive Officer clean cut cut above Cut and come again! cut and dried cut and dried opinions cut and thrust Cut away! Cut it out! Cut the cackle! Cut the crap! Cut your coat according to your cloth cut-rate cut-throat competition cute as a bug’s ear/as a button cutting-edge half-cut He can’t cut it/can’t cut the mustard! He cut a caper He cut his finger He cut me dead in the street He cuts a sorry figure He had his hair cut He has cut down on smoking He has got his hair cut He’ll never cut the mustard as a manager He’s having his hair cut Hey cutie! His salary was cut It cuts both ways it cuts both ways It’s time he cut the mustard Many kiss the hand they wish to cut off on the cutting-edge Passers-by and local residents doubt the necessity of the radical clear-cutting of trees in the area perhaps you can cut your prices Possession of anabolic substances is exempt from prosecution in Germany price cut to the bone pudding-basin haircut Ryanair’s normally combative chief executive Michael O’Leary apologised ’unreservedly’... scuttle-butt She scuttled past him to the Ladies’ She/He is such a cutie That cuts no ice That cuts no ice with me The animal was electrocuted when it came in contact with the bare wires The dissidents were seeking refuge from persecution in the embassy The evidence does not support the prosecution’s case the prosecution rests The set of cutlery consists of knife, fork and spoon There are no short cuts This old knife doesn’t cut well any more this will cut our profit margin to be a real cutie to be at the cutting edge to be cut and dried to be cut from the same cloth to be cut out for something to be cut to the bone to be cut to the quick to be cut up to be cut up about something to cut a caper to cut a corner to cut a dash to cut a deal to cut a fine/good figure to cut a heart into a tree to cut a large melon to cut a long story short to cut a notch in to cut a sorry figure to cut a tooth to cut across to cut across something to cut all ties to cut and contrive to cut and run to cut asunder to cut back to cut both ways to cut capers to cut corners to cut down to cut him off to cut ice with someone to cut in to cut in stone to cut it to cut it close/fine to cut jobs to cut losses to cut no ice with someone to cut off to cut off one’s nose to cut off the power to cut off with a shilling to cut one to the heart to cut one’s coat to suit one’s cloth to cut one’s own path to cut one’s own throat to cut one’s stick to cut one’s teeth to cut one’s teeth on something to cut one’s way to cut oneself loose from to cut open from top to bottom to cut out to cut out work for someone to cut prices to cut school to cut short to cut someone dead to cut someone down to size to cut someone off to cut someone off from something to cut someone short to cut someone some slack to cut someone to the quick to cut something short to cut the cards to cut the cheese to cut the crap to cut the Gordian knot to cut the ground from under someone’s feet to cut the mustard to cut the painter to cut the record to cut the umbilical cord to cut through to cut to pieces to cut to the chase to cut under to cut up rough to cut up well to cut whisky to end up on the cutting room floor to execute the order by the end of next week to fish or cut bait to get a hair cut to get one’s hair cut/to get a hair cut to have one’s hair cut to make cuts Trespassers will be prosecuted! You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife You’ve got five minutes to catch the bus. You’re cutting it rather fine

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