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demand - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'demand' gefunden

demand - Englische PhrasenDemand - Englische Redewendungen

as circumstances demand as occasion demands Demand determines supply demand for higher wages demand has overtaken supply demand one’s attention I have many demands on my purse I have many demands on my time in high demand law of supply and demand Life insurers, health insurance companies or employers could demand permission to access the card Our production cannot cope with the demand Private art collections are currently in hot demand slack demand supply and demand Supply overtakes demand That opens the floodgates to the demands of all the others The permit must be produced upon demand The police demanded her name The ticket must be produced on demand There are a limited number of these, and this scarcity makes them in demand There is much demand for … This demand purely and simply can’t be met This doesn’t mean that I demand a World Championship title every four years to be in great demand to be in little demand to comply with a demand to demand a great deal of someone to demand attention to demand great skill to demand someone’s head to make high demands on something to make too great demands on to respond to the budgetary demands to supply the demand

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