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down - Deutsche PhrasenDown - Deutsche Redewendungen

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down - Englische PhrasenDown - Englische Redewendungen

a downright no A shiver ran down my spine a trip down memory lane be sold down the river Blow me down! Blow me down/over! breakdown Children are like flowers, you have to bend right down to them to recognize them. Come in and sit down! Competition brings prices down Do sit down Do sit down, my dear! Don’t be down in the mouth! Don’t be so down in the mouth All is not yet lost! Don’t let it get you down Don’t let me down! Don’t pin me down to that Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining! down for the count down pat down the centuries down the drain down the line/road down the tubes down to a T down to earth down to someone’s whim down to the ground down to the present day down to the wire down under Down with the dust! down-and-dirty down-and-out down-to-earth downer downside downstream downtime dressing down food won’t stay down for cash down go down the drain go downhill haggle the price down hand-me-down clothes hands down He has cut down on smoking He is breathing down my neck He maketh me to lie down in green pastures he leadeth me beside the still waters He poured the money down the drain He received a good dressing down He was caught with his pants down He’ll be just right for the job, he’s a down-to-earth man He’s a difficult one to pin down His guard is down His suggestion didn’t go down particularly well hunt somebody down I had her sit down I had taken an umbrella with me. It stood me in good stead when the rain began to pour down I have the management breathing down my neck I may be down but not out I must get down to reading Pia’s article which she sent me one weeks ago I was caught with my pants down I’ll give you the low down I’ll go crazy if it doesn’t stop pissing down soon I’ll just nip down/round to I’ve seen her before but can’t pin her down If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas In autumn they start to bring the cattle down from the mountain pastures In North Rhine-Westphalia we sit down with the Muslim organizations and discuss the curriculum It has come down to us It suits me down to the ground It’s bucketing down It’s raining cats and dogs / it’s lashing down / it’s pissing down / it’s splitting It’s turning the world upside down Keep your voice down! knock-down price lay down the law let downs Let’s get down to brass tacks! let-down My Tables, my Tables meet it is I set it downe, That one may smile, and smile and be a Villaine. No sooner had I put the phone down than it rang again Oh, never, never bow we down / To the rude stock or sculptur’d stone. One can survive everything nowadays, except death, and live down anything except a good reputation. Pipe down! Plonk yourself down Protests rained down from all sides/from every direction put-down Refuel your engine or wind down at après-ski. Ring aring of roses, a pocketfull of posies, atishoo, atishoo, all fall down! Self-sacrifice is a thing that should be put down by law. It is so demoralising to the people for whom one sac... settle down Settle down, children! She looks down her nose at people She paced up and down She paved up and down She took him down a peg or two She’s so arrogant. She needs to be taken down a peg or two Slow down somewhere down the road Sushi dishes which have gone down well in my restaurant ... Tears were rolling down her cheeks That goes down south That’s down my alley That’s getting me down That’s him down to the ground! The countdown is on! The Federal Office of Criminal Justice Bundeskriminalamt, which hunted down the terrorists, is, like the Feder... The film has a top-notch cast, right down to the smallest roles The idea was given the thumbs up/down The insurance premium is small beer/potatoes compared to what we’d have to pay if the house burnt down The land slopes down steeply The lights go down, the curtain rises and reveals the view of the stage The other day I saw Barry driving down the High street in his new car The prices hurtled down The rain came down in sheets The student knew what sort of answer went down well with the professor The suggestion didn’t go down very well with our boss the ups and downs of life There are many things I want, and the only way I will get them is to keep my head down, listen to the right pe... They went down like ninepins This book is unputdownable This is my hands down favourite This weather is getting me down to back down to be a shopping addict is so downright silly to be all run down to be caught with one’s pants down to be down and out to be down at heel to be down in the dumps to be down in the mouth to be down on one’s luck To be down on one’s uppers to be down on/upon one’s luck to be down to the short strokes to be down with influenza to be dragged down into the dust To be going downhill to be knocked down by a car to be right down/up someone’s ally to be sold down the river to bear down to beat down to bend down to boil down to something to bowl down to break down to break down a door to break down somebody’s reserve to breathe down somebody’s neck to breathe down someone’s neck to breathe down someone’s neck to bring someone down a peg or two to bring the house down to bring the roof down on someone’s head to bucket down to buckle down to calm down to catch someone with his pants down to change down into second gear to chow down to comb [down] a horse to come down a peg or two to come down hard to come down hard on somebody to come down on someone like a ton of bricks to come down to to come down to earth to come down upon someone to come down with to cool down/it to crack down to crack down on to cry down to cut down to cut someone down to size to die down to doss down to down to down a drink to down a drink in one swig to downplay to dress down to dress someone down to drive with one’s foot down to the floor to drop down to duck down to dumb something down to effect a down payment to fall down to fall down on a job to feed down to feel/look run-down to flop down to force down to get a good dressing-down/ ticking-off to get bogged down to get bogged down by something to get bogged down in details to get down to get down to brass tacks to get down to business to get down to facts to get down to nuts and bolts to get down to something to get down to the nitty gritty to get down to the nitty-gritty to get one down To get one down oneself to get one down oneself to get one’s head down to give someone a dressing-down to give someone a good dressing down to give someone the low-down to give someone the low-down on someone to give someone the low-down on something To give someone the lowdown to give someone the thumbs up/down to go down to go down a bomb to go down as something to go down fighting to go down in history to go down in price to go down in the pages of history to go down like flies to go down on bended knees to go down on someone to go down the drain/tube to go down the hatch to go down the tubes to go down the/to the wire to go down well to go down with all flags flying to go down with flu/pneumonia to go downhill to gulp down one’s food to gun down to hand down to have a nervous breakdown to have something down pat to head down there to hold down a job to hoot down to hose down/off to hunker down to jump down someone’s throat to keep down to keep prices down to knock down for a song to knock someone down a peg to knuckle down to work to laugh till the tears run down one’s cheeks to lay down to lay down one’s arms to lay down one’s life for to lay down rules to lay down the law to let down to let one’s hair down to let someone down to let something get one down to look down on someone to look down one’s nose at someone/something to nail down someone to doing something to nail down something to nail someone down to his promise to nip up-/downstairs to not be able to keep anything down to not be able to put down a book to pace up and down the room to part one’s hair down the middle to pee down to pin someone down to pipe down to play it low-down on someone to plump down to pop down the chippie to pop down to somewhere to pour down to pour money down the drain to press down on someone to put down an animal to put down the phone to put one’s foot down to put one’s name down to put the hammer down to quiet down to ram something down someone’s throat to run down other people to run down someone to run someone/oneself down to run someone/something down to run up and down to run up and down the scale to run up and down the street to sell dirt-cheap/down the river to send someone down to settle down to settle down for the night to settle down in a job to settle down to business/work to shoot down an idea/suggestion to shoot someone down to shut down a factory to simmer down to slap down to stay down to step down as president to step down for someone/in favor of someone to suit someone down to the ground to swig down to take someone down a peg or two to take something lying down to throw down/take up/pick up the gauntlet to tone down to track down to turn down the bed/sheet to turn everything upside down to turn upside down to vote down to walk down the aisle to water down to wear down to wear one down to win hands down Turn that awful racket down, will you! Two cars careered down the road up and down up hill and down dale up one minute - down the next ups and downs Well, blow me down! What goes up must come down! What’s the low-down on ? when it comes down to it when the chips are down When the chips are down Where trash is lying around, more is thrown down You can shake down on my settee tonight You could have knocked me down with a feather

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