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dress - Deutsche PhrasenDress - Deutsche Redewendungen

an die falsche Adresse geraten sein Bitte beachten Sie die Adresse unseres Büros. die Adresse der Bank mit neuer Adresse versehen unter der obigen Adresse unter einer Adresse wohnen

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dress - Englische PhrasenDress - Englische Redewendungen

A fault confessed is half redressed a showy dress all dressed up and nowhere to go All dressed up to the nines at the above address Does this dress make me look fat? dress clothes dressed to kill dressing down formal dress Four weeks before the performance, we began dress rehearsals Greek dress was in its essence inartistic. Nothing should reveal the body but the body. He is at his old address He received a good dressing down In no time each package is labeled with your own company logo and address It clashes horribly with her dress mere window-dressing name and address of beneficiary of good address Please note the address of our office. She was a little coy about how much her dress cost She was dressed in a white coat She was dressed to kill She’s a bit long in the tooth to wear this kind of frilly dress She’s dressed to the nines She’s dressed up to the nines spaghetti strap dress That’s just window-dressing The address began on a personal note the address of the bank The book is addressed to young readers The dress gave emphasis to the shape of her The dress is in tatters The dress proclaims the man The nail caught her dress The new dress fits her to a T to address as to address the issue of to be dressed to kill to be dresssed to the nines to dress a room to dress a wound to dress down to dress oneself to dress someone down to dress up to dress up [formally] to fit on a new dress to get a good dressing-down/ ticking-off to get dressed to get dressed-up to give an address to give someone a dressing-down to give someone a good dressing down to live at an address What is her address? When I saw her dressed like that, I nearly split my sides with laughing window dressing window-dressing

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