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drop - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'drop' gefunden

drop - Englische PhrasenDrop - Englische Redewendungen

a drop in a bucket a drop in the bucket a drop in the ocean a drop in/of temperature a drop of 10 feet a heavy drop in prices at the drop of a hat but a drop in a bucket Can you drop me off on the way home? Cigarette vending machine sales have dropped drastically since the introduction of an age verification chip ca... cow droppings Don’t drop it drop by drop Drop dead! Drop it Drop me a line Drop me at the corner drop of precum drop-in drop-off service dropdead gorgeous I dropped him a broad hint, but he didn’t catch on to the idea I have no intention of letting this matter drop until I have received full compensation I’ll just drop in for a second I’m just about to drop It’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop jaw-dropping Let us drop the subject Let’s drop the subject My eyes nearly dropped out of my head! name-dropper Penny dropped? Schools are seeking to reduce the dropout rate She dropped in so quiet you could hear a pin drop That’s a drop in the ocean the penny has dropped The romantic backdrop highlights one thing above all others: love Then he dropped the bombshell by revealing that he was gay They had all promised to help me, but then one after the other dropped out and left me holding the baby to be fond of one’s drops to drop a bombshell to drop a brick to drop a bundle to drop a clanger to drop a hint to drop a line to drop a log to drop a subject to drop acid to drop back/behind to drop by to drop charges to drop dead to drop down to drop everything to drop in to drop like flies to drop names to drop off to drop off to sleep to drop one’s h’s to drop out to drop out of sight to drop out of the labour force to drop over to drop someone to drop someone at the corner to drop someone like a hot potato to drop someone off to drop something to drop something off to drop the kids off at the pool to drop the veil to drop/fall/hop/topple the/one’s perch to get the drop on someone to have a dropping nose to have been dropped on one’s head by one’s mother to have had a drop too much to name-drop Will you drop me off on the way home? you can hear a pin drop You could have heard a pin drop

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